Company's history

Operating with AVRs (Alternate Voltage Regulators) since 1975, a founding member of Zael was unhappy about the low performance, the high consumption of energy and the poor quality of the AVRs that were being manufactured and being sold and at the time he decided to invest in the business.

Zael was created in 1979 in order to solve the system with a new project which could eliminate the unwanted effects of the equipment that were being used at the time. The equipments manufactured at the time that were more prominent were the electromechanical and the electronic with saturated core by cutting wave. This last, in addition to have a very low income, at the same time when he repaired the voltage he distorced the waveform.

In fact, after one year of work Zael already had a prototype with highly satisfactory results. In 1982 the first equipments were already sold at the market and so after that equipment was gradually improved over the time.

This new project, due to its advanced technology (digital - microcontroller - EEprom) and to its performance (power quality, efficiency, accuracy, power factor, dimensions and static system), it has revolutionized the stabilization system that stayed into the market until nowsday.

This system was created and developed with pioneering unique of Zael, patented product that earned recognition from the Brazilian government and especially from the market. On top of that competition, the falling market share did not take longtime to follow the steps and use the same technology.

Today the vast majority of electrical AVRs of medium and large port are manufactured using this process.

As stated previously, over the years, within the same process Zael created several other models always seeking to improve, upgrade, and diversificate. The first model in 1982 was called the Z2002. Then, the model Z2002A in 1983, the model Z2002B in the 1985, the model Z2002C in 1998 and Z2002D in 2009. In the middle time of this period were also created other, with less importance such as: Z101, Z1001, Power-PC; Z2002Ca.

With the emergence of new processors, microcontrollers and power semiconductors, eatch time more powerful and versatile, the company continues to research and develop new products as well as diversifying the business to others areas. Thats why it was created a new development laboratory coupled with a highly qualified staff. The proposal is not to become large and to absorb all the market but to put high technology products that can meet the most demanding market adding value to it. There is no greater satisfaction than the creation. The commercial is useful and even necessary, however, what stays and makes the person happy is what is left in favor to the society.

Values: The relentless pursuit of improvement in all areas in favor of the human beings, with dedication, ethics, transparency, while respecting the conquered values ​​and the nature.

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